vegan mini cheesecakes

Vegan mini cheesecakes with fresh summer berries

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Vegan mini cheesecakes topped with fresh berries or a fruit puree or any nuts you like. The recipe is totally worth making but try to use good quality and organic ingredients.

These vegan mini cheesecakes are free from refined sugar or any other additives; creamy, delicious and totally guilt free treat is just perfect if you have a sweet tooth. The texture is velvety and rich and just like a standard cheesecake very satisfying.

Keep the cheesecakes in the freezer for up to two weeks and thaw 10 minutes before serving. I also love to have one or two as a quick and healthy snack after the workout.

vegan mini cheesecakes

Prep time: 45min  |  Total time: 1.45hrs  |  Serves: 4
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100g medjool dates

40g raw walnuts

10g goji berries

150g raw cashew nuts

3tbsp lime juice

3tbsp organic agave syrup

3tbsp organic plant based milk

blueberries, strawberries & goji berries to decorate


Start with soaking the cashews in the boiling hot water for approx. 30 minutes.

Now move to the tree ingredient base. In the food processor combine dates, walnuts and goji berries. Process all until the texture becomes sticky.

To form the mini cheesecakes use a silicone cupcakes baking tray as it will be much easier to remove the cheesecakes after they have set in the freezer. I used medium cupcakes tray which makes 12 cupcakes.

Spread the dates mixture in the cupcakes tray and press down to make the base.

Drain the cashews and throw them into the food processor, then add lime juice, agave syrup and plant based milk. Combine all ingredients until smooth consistency.

Finally using a spoon top the cupcakes base with the cashews topping and move to the freezer for approx. 1 hour to set.

To serve thaw the vegan mini cheesecakes 10 minutes before serving and top with fresh berries or berries puree.


vegan mini cheesecakes