vegan mayonnaise

Creamy vegan mayonnaise made with tofu


Vegan mayonnaise made with tofu it’s a healthy and rich in protein alternative to the standard mayo. It’s vegan friendly and lacto free. Use the vegan mayonnaise  in sandwiches, salads, fries, veggie burgers and sausages and anything else that you fancy.

The mustard its optional and if you don’t like it just swap with different seasoning such as garlic powder, chives, sesame oil or vegan soya cream.

Prep time: 10min  |  Serves: 10
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1 pack of medium tofu

2tbsp yellow mustard

1tsp cayenne pepper

1tbsp cider vinegar

2tbsp fresh lemon juice




Drain tofu from excess water.

Add all ingredients to the food processor and mix well until soft consistency.

Taste the mixture and add more olive oil for creamer consistency or more mustard, lemon juice or vinegar according to your taste.

Keep the vegan mayonnaise in the fridge for up to 7 days.