pumpkin smoothie

Pumpkin & cinnamon breakfast smoothie


Pumpkin smoothie can be served for breakfast or a quick post-workout snack. Even though it is not the pumpkin season I couldn’t resist posting this delicious smoothie recipe, especially that you only need a few ingredients in this recipe. To prepare pumpkin puree I roasted pumpkin in the oven at

penut butter tofu

Peanut butter tofu with black kale salad


Peanut butter tofu served with crunchy vegetables or alternatively with a bowl of rice or quinoa. In this recipe I combined crispy red cabbage and fresh black kale salad with peanut butter tofu. This is a great mid-week meal, easy and quick to prepare.

quinoa curry

Quinoa curry with fresh vegetables


Quinoa curry recipe with fresh cauliflower and aubergine, plenty of spices and coconut milk. This is a must try recipe, perfect to keep you fuller for longer. This quinoa curry is a great way to add extra flavours into one dish. Quinoa is known as one of the most protein-rich

Sushi Nori with light stir-fry salad


Sushi Nori rolls with crunchy asparagus, cucumber or avocado. My type of lunch to help me get though the busy week. Sushi rolls are not that difficult to make as you may think. It is easy and cheap lunch option and it can be easily served next day if prepared the

yasai noodles

Yasai noodles with coconut, lime and chilli

Dinner Lunch

Yasai noodles recipe is inspired by Wagamama’s vegan yasai itame dish. I absolutely cannot think of more delicious, fresh and full of flavours meal. In my version I added vegan Quorn chicken style pieces however you can make yours with either baked tofu or regular Quorn chicken style pieces (for a