strawberry smoothie

Strawberry smoothie with vanilla and goji berries


Refreshing strawberry smoothie with vanilla and goji berries, great option for hot summer days. Can be served as a breakfast or an afternoon snack. I made my breakfast option with the flaxseeds which are great in omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and proteins.

Prep time: 5 min   |   Serves: 1
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1 ripe medium banana

100g fresh strawberries

2tbsp flaxseeds

2tsp goji berries

1tsp organic vanilla powder

250ml soya milk (or any other plant based)


Add all ingredients in the blender and mix them together until smooth consistency.

To serve the strawberry smoothie as an afternoon snack remove the flaxseeds. You can also add a few cubes of ice to make the smoothie extra cold.

Nutritional Information (per portion)

Calories: 281

Total fat: 18g

Total carbs: 22g

Fiber: 12g

Protein: 12g