radish and cream salad

Radish and cream salad – vegan summer salad

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Radish and cream salad its a must in the spring and summer then the veggies are testing best. This is such delicious and easy recipe and one of those that you make again and again.

I like the salad on its own or as a side dish with a veggie burger or roasted potatoes.

Make sure that you have a good sharp kitchen knife to slice the radish very thinly.

For the cream you can use Alpro soya yoghurt or blended silk tofu.

Prep time: 15min  |  Serves: 2
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1 bunch of red radish

1/2 white radish (daikon)

100g radish sprouts

1/2 pot (250 ml) Alpro soya original yogurt

1/2 lime juice

fresh chives (to decorate)

salt & pepper


Prepare the red radishes by cutting off the green bits. Peel off the skin from the white radish.

In the medium bowl add thinly cut radishes (red and white), add salt, pepper and lime juice then mix the ingredients well.

In the serving bowl arrange a layer of radish sprouts, then another layer of mixed radish and top it with a spoon or two of the vegan yogurt. Decorate with chopped chives.

Radish and cream salad can be served as a main dish or refreshing side.

Nutritional Estimates Per Serving

Calories: 115
Total fat: 4g
Total carbs: 12g
Fiber: 6g
Protein: 9g