Avocado smoothie healthy breakfast alternative


I have been obsessed with this healthy smoothie recipe. It is one of the quickest breakfast recipes I can think of when I am in a hurry. Both chia seeds and avocado are high in fibre which help your metabolism. Not only that; avocado is incredibly nutritious, prevents from cancer

veggie pizza

Veggie Pizza topped with fresh basil


Who doesn’t like pizza? This veggie pizza with spicy tomato sauce, aubergine, basil leaves and Mozzarella cheese is a delicious combination of flavours. The recipe is easy to make and one of those which you will repeat again and again by adding different flavours each time.

mozzarella salad

Fresh tomato and Italian Mozzarella salad

Light Bites

Delicious basil, tomato & Mozzarella salad. So simple and easy to make, this light bite makes a prefect starter or light lunch. With mine I have added some iceberg lettuce for a crunch. To make a healthier version of the traditional salad use reduced fat Mozzarella cheese which also works