chia seeds marmalade

Healthy raw orange chia seeds marmalade

Breakfast Desserts

Chia seeds marmalade made with fresh orange and goji berries is so easy and quick to prepare you will never want to buy any ordinary one again. Once you taste this recipe you will start thinking of other variations and fruits you can use to make different flavours. In fact this

wild rice salad

Wild rice salad with fresh vegetables


Wild rice salad with fresh vegetables is a perfect option for your lunch box, especially if prepared the night before. I only recently started using wild rice in my salads. This is mainly due to cooking time the rice require. Wild rice is super healthy high in proteins and low in

sweetcorn soup

Sweetcorn soup with chilli and parsley

Dinner Lunch

Sweetcorn soup with chilli and fresh parsley is great if you fancy filling but a low calorie meal. This recipe is easy and quick to make with a few ingredients which make a perfect combination. Also, according to many sources cooked sweetcorn increases levels of ferulic acid, which has anti-cancer properties.

spinach gnocchi

Spinach gnocchi with lime & almond asparagus


Spinach gnocchi with lime & almond asparagus its an easy recipe and perfect if you fancy traditional meal with a twist. The dough of the gnocchi is smooth and soft and spinach gives them extra flavour. With asparagus made in the lime and almond dressing on a side you will

cinnamon porridge

Cinnamon porridge with goji berries & apple


Cinnamon porridge with goji berries & apple recipe is perfect if you fancy adding extra flavour to your porridge. I can’t think of a better breakfast in the winter or if you want to stay fuller for longer. I added goji berries for extra flavour and natural sweetness. Goji berries

raw green salad

Raw green salad with wasabi cashew dressing


Raw green salad with wasabi cashew dressing makes heavenly delicious combination. I often add spicy chilli tofu on a side to make the meal more nutritious. The dressing recipe below will make approx. 4 servings so you should be able to use it again. Make sure you keep the dressing in the

bulgur salad

Bulgur salad with fresh vegetables

Dinner Lunch

Bulgur salad with a delicious combination of green vegetables, edemame beans and green peas with a hint of chilli and lime. Bulgur wheat is a partially pre-cooked and dried whole wheat, made from grains of several different kinds of wheat. It is naturally high in fibre and low in fat

kale salad

Curly kale salad with spicy Harissa tofu


One of my favourite salads with healthy kale, ginger dressing and spicy tofu. This curly kale salad recipe is really worth trying and perfect if you would like to prepare a healthy and nutritious lunch box. If you are not keen on the ginger dressing you can squeeze half of

mushroom risotto

Porcini mushroom and garlic risotto

Dinner Lunch

The weather hasn’t been great this week and it feels like Summer will never come. In the cold day like today I like having something warm for my lunch. The perfect option seems to be mushroom risotto. I like mine with plenty of garlic, fresh herbs and dried porcini mushrooms.