mango salad

Mango salad with roasted chickpeas & asparagus

Dinner Lunch

Mango salad served with roasted chickpeas and asparagus – make the most of the delicious summer ingredients. I love using fruit in dishes, they make amazing addition to many different salads. For my mango salad I also used Dudhi (called also bottle gourd or white pumpkin) which can be found in many large

mung beans salad

Mung beans salad with green veg & pistachios


Mung beans salad its another great option for a hot day. Simply boil mung beans and mix them with your favourite green vegetables. This mung beans salad is such treat and guilt free dish. The beans are a great source of proteins and all vegans & vegetarians should know how to use

vegan mayonnaise

Creamy vegan mayonnaise made with tofu


Vegan mayonnaise made with tofu it’s a healthy and rich in protein alternative to the standard mayo. It’s vegan friendly and lacto free. Use the vegan mayonnaise  in sandwiches, salads, fries, veggie burgers and sausages and anything else that you fancy. The mustard its optional and if you don’t like it just swap with different seasoning

aubergine dip

Baba Ghanouj or simply aubergine dip

Basics Light Bites Lunch

Aubergine dip or in other words baba ghanouj. This light and refreshing dip served on a slice of toasted sourdough bread taste just like heaven. I topped my toast and aubergine dip with capers and goats cheese which added salty and tangy taste. Whilst visiting my parents I had some time to

teriyaki tofu

Teriyaki tofu with green vegetables salad


Teriyaki tofu served on a bed of green vegetables salad make a satisfying bowl of delicious and tasty food. This straightforward meal can be made with any vegetables you like, stir-fry or rice. The teriyaki sauce gives tofu amazing flavour, especially when combined with fresh veggies. Bake the tofu in