cauliflower and chickpeas soup

Cauliflower and chickpeas soup

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Moroccan inspired, cauliflower and chickpea soup. Fantastic dinner option for the long and cold evenings. The mix of spices and roasted chickpeas make this dish delicious and full of flavours. My cauliflower and chickpea soup can be cooked in a bigger batch and stored in the fridge for later. I

sweet potato gnocchi

Sweet potato gnocchi

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Delicious sweet potato gnocchi. My latest post is inspired by Italian recipe with a twist, instead of the regular ones I used sweet potatoes. The flavor of this type of gnocchi is just unbelievable and combined with long stream broccoli make an amazing dish. This recipe takes time to prepare


Pumpkin soup

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As it’s already November, the pumpkin season has officially started and I couldn’t wait to post this amazing recipe for the pumpkin soup. Delicious vegan, diary free and gluten free recipe made from the roasted pumpkin and topped with sweet potato chips and pumpkin seeds. You can use fresh pumpkin and


Risotto with sundried tomatoes

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Risotto with sundried tomatoes, white wine and fresh rocket salad it’s my latest recipe from my Italian trip. I love how simple is to make this recipe. The flavor in this dish comes from the sundried tomatoes and white wine, there is nothing else that you need to add to

mango salad

Mango salad with roasted chickpeas & asparagus

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Mango salad served with roasted chickpeas and asparagus – make the most of the delicious summer ingredients. I love using fruit in dishes, they make amazing addition to many different salads. For my mango salad I also used Dudhi (called also bottle gourd or white pumpkin) which can be found in many large

penut butter tofu

Peanut butter tofu with black kale salad


Peanut butter tofu served with crunchy vegetables or alternatively with a bowl of rice or quinoa. In this recipe I combined crispy red cabbage and fresh black kale salad with peanut butter tofu. This is a great mid-week meal, easy and quick to prepare.