vegetarian canapés

Goats cheese and fig canapés

Basics Home Light Bites

Every year we host a number of different parties celebrating Christmas, New Year or birthdays. We always invite a bunch of friends who are not necessarily are vegans or vegetarians. I always try to make our food more interesting though so even the most fussy eaters would enjoy them. For

teriyaki salad dressing

Teriyaki Salad Dressing

Basics Home

Teriyaki Salad Dressing is a great addition to Japanese inspired salads. This recipe is free from refined sugar, vegan and gluten free. As always I try to make easy recipes which will not require many ingredients or things which are not available in your local supermarket. You can also use

vegan mayonnaise

Creamy vegan mayonnaise made with tofu


Vegan mayonnaise made with tofu it’s a healthy and rich in protein alternative to the standard mayo. It’s vegan friendly and lacto free. Use the vegan mayonnaise  in sandwiches, salads, fries, veggie burgers and sausages and anything else that you fancy. The mustard its optional and if you don’t like it just swap with different seasoning

aubergine dip

Baba Ghanouj or simply aubergine dip

Basics Light Bites Lunch

Aubergine dip or in other words baba ghanouj. This light and refreshing dip served on a slice of toasted sourdough bread taste just like heaven. I topped my toast and aubergine dip with capers and goats cheese which added salty and tangy taste. Whilst visiting my parents I had some time to

cashew dressing

Cashew dressing – creamy, raw and vegan


Cashew dressing – creamy, raw, vegan and deliciously healthy alternative to a regular Cesar salad dressing. I love using this dressing on salads, vegetables or with veggie sticks and crackers. What I love about it is that I never feel guilty having it with my dishes – there is nothing artificial added. Store the cashew dressing